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Vibration | The Value of Knowing Good Data and Asking The Right Questions

Garbage in = Garbage out.  A vibration analysis is only as good as the data that goes into it.  Anyone can enter numbers into software and report the results, but it takes experience to know whether or not the input data is accurate enough and if the results seem right. That final “gut feel” or “instinct” cannot be taught.  It is wise insight gained from years of analysis. Less experienced or “plug and play” analysts can be guided by data sheets, rules of thumb and so forth, but it would take textbooks full of instruction to convey adequate knowledge.  Even so, the insight that serves a customer best comes from paying attention and being clever.  We cannot count how many times we have had to re-request data because what we have received seems “off”.  Most of the time, we are right and the initial data was flawed in some way.  Side note: It also takes experience to know which data is worth questioning.  In either case, less experienced engineers will not know enough to ask the right questions.  At DRV Consulting, you can take comfort in knowing we are NOT satisfied to let you assume the risk of data accuracy.  At the end of the day, we do not want your machinery to break.

Understanding the Language

Experience also means knowing when it is best to speak to equipment vendors ourselves.  We usually speak the same “language” and so information can get lost in translation when you have to play the role of information “middleman”.  It is also time consuming and we know that you have better things to do, like manage your projects.  Let us deal with these details for you.  We enjoy it and it saves a lot of time in the analysis process.

Managing the Uncertainty

Sometimes the data accuracy cannot be improved.  Fortunately, this can be dealt with a number of ways. Boundary conditions can be widened enough to accommodate such uncertainty.  There are also times when on-site testing or shop tests can be performed to eliminate the uncertainty. Again, when and how to address these uncertainties takes experience.


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